Who Do You Love?

Valentine’s Day is defined according to your age. I can remember when I was a kid. I loved Valentine’s Day. It was a day of endless candy, perhaps a gift or two. Kids give valentines to their classmates. When a person gets older, Valentine’s Day takes on a deeper meaning. It is a day to celebrate the love in your life. Specifically the love you have for your significant other. You also could celebrate the love you have for your children or grandchildren.

Jesus had much to say about love. Luke 6:27-36 is considered to be a portion of His sermon on the mount. Jesus told the multitude to love their enemies. It sounds crazy, perhaps even radical. It is easy for us to love our family. We can love our friends. We may even be able to love strangers who are friendly to us. How about those who are hurtful? What about the individual who gossiped about you? Jesus was clear. We are to love them. We are to pray for them. Love is a choice. We often think of it as an emotional feeling. Love is more than emotions.

Jesus made a choice to humbly die for us. He chose to redeem us. He chose to go through suffering and pain so we could know Him. Jesus also said in John 13:35, “By this, all people will know you are my disciples by the love you have for one another.” Do you love your brothers and sisters in Christ? Do you love those who do not look like you? What about the individuals who are not in your close-knit circle? Will you choose to love those who are hard to love? Will you pray that God would give you the strength to love others?
In Christ,
Pastor Cody

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